GroundGuard technology protects our decking against weather and wear.

Ultra Resistant

Our decking offers strong weight resistance for a longer lifespan.

Golf Ball Capped

Our Rio decking features a smooth outer shield that protects against threats.

Color Variation

The color variation in Norx boards offer a naturally beautiful aesthetic.

More Tech in Your Deck

Rio’s GroundGuard™ technology repels moisture and protects it against the threats that weather and wear can bring.

Safety First

Our GroundGuard™ shield keeps moisture, wear and insects away so you can feel safer with every step.



Enhanced Resistance

With a high-performance design, Rio is engineered to resist moisture, weathering and fading without the extra maintenance.

High Resistance

Stain Resistant


Our strong and resilient composite is constructed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions.

All-Weather Resistant

Vibrant for years

Product Details

Our innovative technology and expert craftsmanship allow us to offer a durable, safe and sustainable composite that is built to withstand any weather. And with a sleeker and more stylized approach to our product design, you’ll always find a look that aligns with your vision.

Density1.3g/cm3 (Standard: ASTM D792-13 Method B)
Tensile strength24.9 MPa (Standard: ASTM D638-14)
Flexural Strength34.5Mp (Standard: ASTM D790-10)
Flexural Modulus3510Mpa (Standard: ASTM D790-10)
Impact strength88J/m (Standard: ASTM D4812-11)
Shore hardnessD70 (Standard: ASTM D2240-05)
Water absorption0.63%(Standard: ASTM D570-98
Thermal expansion33.12 x10-6 (Standard: ASTM D696 – 08)
Slip resistantR11 (Standard: DIN 51130:2014)

Hardware & Accessories

Rio Fascia Half Cap: Size:1″ x 8″ (185 x 14mm)

Always keep your deck together. Hide outside edge joist and protect the deck.

Rio Fascia Half Cap: Size:1″ x 12″ (185 x 14mm)

Always keep your deck together. Hide outside edge joist and protect the deck.

Stainless steel clip: Gap: 3mm

Long-lasting, moisture protecting clips for when safety is your priority.

Stainless Steel starter clips

The first step determines stability. Use this accessory to fix the first board.

Plastic clips: Gap:6mm

High-quality materials to fix individual boards in case of opting for an alternative to metal.

Warranty Info

30-Year Warranty

Our 30-year warranty covers fading and staining to give you more protection and peace of mind.

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Documents & Support

Care and Cleaning Guide

Looking for information about our composite decking? Download our brochures for a more detailed look at what you can expect with Norx®.

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Decking Installation

Ready to install your new deck? Our detailed installation guide is full of helpful information on materials, safety, necessary tools and more.

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The Norx Difference

The Norx Difference: Technology


With a team of forward-thinking engineers and designers and the latest technology, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor living solutions. You’ll find it in our products, and you’ll feel it in your space.

The Norx Difference: Design


We’ve built a business and a reputation around beautifully crafted products designed for every day in your life. From soft color tones to intricate textures, our products offer something for everyone and will always look as good as it feels.

The Norx Difference: Sustainability


We believe the best design choice is one that’s better for the planet. Our sustainable composite is made of recycled resources and free of toxic chemicals and preservatives, so you can enjoy a safer product that lasts longer, with less maintenance and significantly less waste.

Estimate Your Next Project

Our growing product portfolio meets the needs of every style and budget. Use our Deck Cost Calculator to plan and estimate your next project.

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Where You Can Find Us

With knowledgeable dealers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada, we are ready to help you bring your outdoor space to life. Find out where you can buy Norx® and get started today.

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