Reversible Deck

Stylish 2-in-1 choices with the signature grain on both sides.

Rot Resistant

Best quality materials protect against rot, mildew, and stains.


Highly resistant to environmental stress cracking and weathering issues.

Color Variation

Nature-inspired wood finishes with unparalleled color display.

Engineered for achievement

Barcelona is as resilient as the city it is named after and is the perfect choice to elevate the comfort of
every style and space thanks to its non-slip tech, superior flexibility, and maximum durability.

Safety First

Our Barcelona decking offers a thick layer of coating for a grip that ensures the deck is resistant to slips and safe for the whole family.



Enhanced Resistance

With a high-performance design, Barcelona is engineered to resist moisture, weathering, and fading without extra maintenance.

High Resistance

Stain Resistant

All Climates

Our resilient PVC boards are engineered to maximize enjoyment and minimize maintenance to withstand the most demanding weather conditions.

High Resistance

Vibrant for years

The Norx Difference

The Norx Difference: Technology


With a team of forward-thinking engineers and designers and the latest technology, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor living solutions. You’ll find it in our products, and you’ll feel it in your space.

The Norx Difference: Design


We’ve built a business and a reputation around beautifully crafted products designed for every day in your life. From soft color tones to intricate textures, our products offer something for everyone and will always look as good as it feels.

The Norx Difference: Sustainability


We believe the best design choice is one that’s better for the planet. Our sustainable composite is made of recycled resources and free of toxic chemicals and preservatives, so you can enjoy a safer product that lasts longer, with less maintenance and significantly less waste.

Estimate Your Next Project

Our growing product portfolio meets the needs of every style and budget. Use our Deck Cost Calculator to plan and estimate your next project.

Decking Calculator

Where You Can Find Us

With knowledgeable dealers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada, we are ready to help you bring your outdoor space to life. Find out where you can buy Norx® and get started today.